Prepositions of place in the Russian language

There are dozens of prepositions in the Russian language. For beginners it is always better to start with the most common ones, because deep learning is only possible when the new vocabulary and grammar constructions are used ACTIVELY! So today we’re having the prepositions of place. Have a look at the examples and try to practice in the video lessons below.

Here are some grammar and vocabulary examples:

На  (on) + Prepositional Case
Тарелка на столе –  A plate is on the table;
Кот на полу – A cat on the floor;
Подушка на диване – A pillow on the sofa.

В  (in) + Prepositional Case
В комнате стул  – In the room there is a chair;
Я в школе – I am at school;
В руке книга. – A book in the hand.

Перед  (in front of) + Instrumental case
Дорога перед домом  – A road is in front of the house;
Картина передо мной – A painting is in front of me;
Кресло перед телевизором – An armchair is in front of the TV.

Под   (under) + Instrumental case
Собака под столом – A dog is under the table;
Носки под кроватью – Socks under the bed;
Я стою под дождём – I’m staying in the rain.

За  (behind) + Instrumental case
Девочка за деревом – A girl is behind the tree;
Книга за полкой – A book is behind the shelf;
Кот за столом – A cat is behind the table.

Над  (above) + Instrumental case
Зеркало над кроватью – A mirror is above the bed;
Флаг над домом – A flag above the house;
Картина над столом – A picture above the table.