Learn how to roll R’s
A full step-by-step tutorial with effective exercises from the speech-language pathologist.
More than 1,000 people have already learned to roll R’s with me.
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What you get
with my course
Just a few weeks of training and you’ll forget about your problems with rolling R’s. No more embarassment!
You’ll be able to examine your mouth and understand if you’re capable of rolling R’s or you need some medical assistance. Unfortunately, thousands of people waste hours of their time trying to learn how to trill their R, and in reality they just have speech-language pathology problems.
You’ll receive effective exercises that Russian speech-language pathologists have been using for years to help people solve their “rolling R’s problems”. This tutorial includes air flow exercises, tongue relaxing exercises and also tips and tricks on rolling your R’s.
You’ll learn about common mistakes that most people make when they learn how to roll R’s and about the effective ways of automating the new sound in words and phrases.
Forget about being embarrassed with your accent. Learn how to trill R’s like native speakers!