I’m happy to invite you to my 6 month long membership program!

Who will like it: people who seek for extra listening and reading materials; people who like my Slow Russian Podcast (or listening to Russian at a slow pace in general).

Who will NOT like it: people who need a full step-by-step course (it’s not a course, it’s an addition to your learning)

What you get:

– 4–5 extra Slow Russian lessons that will not only expand your vocabulary, but also help you better understand Russian people (we’ll be talking about culture: songs, movies, poems, etc.);

– every month you’ll be able to download 15-20 books that will help to learn (textbooks, self-study guides, readers, fiction);

– personal support (I’ll give you my phone number, and you’ll be able to send your questions directly to me).

The program duration is approximately six months, and you are free to discontinue at any time. So, let’s begin?