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In this podcast the Russian language is finally SLOW enough, so you don’t have any problems understanding it. And if you do, the vocabulary section is just for you! You will also get some tips on Russian culture, traditions and daily life.

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Episode 38 – Education in Russia

The Russian education system consists of several levels: kindergarten, school, college or university, postgraduate studies. Russian children start their education rather early…

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Episode 34 – Halloween in Russia

Many foreigners wonder if Halloween is celebrated in Russia. Yes and no. The thing is that officially this holiday is perceived more as something alien to Russian culture…

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Episode 31 – An experiment with Pushkin

In this episode we’re having a wonderful poem by Alexander Pushkin. “Я помню чудное мгновенье: Передо мной явилась ты, Как мимолётное виденье, Как гений чистой красоты…”

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