Welcome to the Real Russian Club!

Meet Daria, Founder and Passionate Educator

Welcome! I’m Daria Molchanova, a dedicated Russian language teacher and enthusiast of Russian history. My journey in education and culture is both rich and diverse.

Educational Journey:

  • Alma Mater: I embarked on my academic path at the Moscow State University of Art and Culture.
  • Further Studies: In the United States, I expanded my expertise, securing an MA in Russian Studies in Colorado, followed by a PhD in Russian History.
  • Specialized Qualifications: I hold a degree in Philology from St. Petersburg and a certification from Moscow State University to teach Russian as a foreign language.

Professional Experience:

  • Diverse Teaching Roles: My career has spanned teaching Russian as a foreign language, delving into the History of Russia, and exploring Russian art across various universities, schools, and corporate settings.
  • Personalized Instruction: Beyond institutional teaching, I’ve passionately taught Russian privately and online, adapting to diverse learning styles and needs.
  • Real Russian Club: In 2015, I established the Real Russian Club, an online learning platform. As of early 2024, our community boasts thousands of students from 75 countries, a testament to our growing impact.
  • Podcasting Success: Hosting the Slow Russian Podcast has been a remarkable journey, with over 10 million downloads, bringing the nuances of Russian language to a global audience.



Teaching Russian isn’t just a profession for me; it’s a passion. I am deeply enamored with Russian culture, history, and language. My goal is to share this love and knowledge with you, enriching your understanding and appreciation through every lesson.