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  • “How can I understand native speakers?”
  • “How can I speak Russian fluently?”
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Meet the founder

Hello everyone! My name is Daria, I am a certified Russian language teacher and historian.

I graduated from the Moscow State University of Art and Culture, then I earned my PhD in Russian history, and also got a Moscow State University certificate for teaching Russian as a foreign language.

In 2020, I started my Masters program in Russian studies at University of Colorado in Boulder, US. 

My work: 
I have gained a significant amount of experience teaching a wide array of classes (such as Russian as a foreign language, History of Russia, Russian art) at several universities, schools and corporations. Also I have been teaching the Russian language privately and online for many years.

In 2015, I founded an online learning platform Real Russian Club. By the beginning of 2021, the community has grown significantly, and includes thousands of students from 75 countries. Also I host a Slow Russian Podcast (downloaded more than 1,000,000 times).

Teaching Russian is my passion! I’m the greatest admirer of Russian culture, history and language and I hope to share it with you through my lessons.




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