The ideal Russian Language Course for absolute beginners! Designed by an expert professor and a native speaker, this course offers a guided, step-by-step approach to overcoming the challenges of learning Russian. It’s not just educational, but super fun, interactive, and incredibly easy to follow!

What You’ll Achieve:

  • Master the basics of reading, writing, and speaking in Russian.
  • Special emphasis on pronunciation with dedicated lessons.
  • Engage with a variety of learning materials including videos, audio lessons, interactive games, and downloadable homework.

Unique Course Features:

  • Immerse yourself in Russian culture through movies and music, giving you a true taste of Russia.
  • Learn at your own pace with a well-structured and flexible curriculum.
  • Benefit from the combined expertise of a seasoned professor and the authenticity of a native speaker.

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Please, read the text below. This is the text from the last lesson of Level 1. If you can understand it EFFORTLESSLY, this level is good for you:) If you don’t understand some of the grammar, please, join level 1:

Приве́т! Меня́ зову́т Ро́ма. Моя́ фами́лия Молча́нов. Я ру́сский. Ра́ньше я жил в Москве́, в Росси́и. А пото́м в Ни́тре, в Слова́кии. Сейча́с я живу́ в Бо́улдере. Бо́улдер – э́то го́род в Аме́рике. Я учу́сь в шко́ле. Я люблю́ учи́ться. Я изуча́ю англи́йский язы́к и хорошо́ говорю́ по-англи́йски. У меня́ есть плейсте́йшн. Я люблю́ игра́ть. У меня́ есть семья́. Мой па́па юри́ст. Он лю́бит чита́ть и игра́ть в плейсте́йшн. Э́то моя́ ма́ма. Она́ профе́ссор в университе́те. Она́ лю́бит рабо́тать. А э́то мой кот. Его́ зову́т Си́львер. Он хоро́ший. Спаси́бо, пока́!

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Read this text. If it’s easy for you – join! If not, go to Levels 1 and 2, and then come back 🙂

Марк – профессор. Он работает в университете. Каждое утро в 8 часов он ездит в университет на машине. Обычно он не любит ездить на велосипеде, потому что это медленно, но сегодня хорошая погода, и он едет на велосипеде.

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UNDERSTANDING RUSSIA (English with authentic materials in Russian)

This enriching 10-chapter online course was designed by a renowned history professor. Dive deep into Russian culture with engaging video lectures, curated movies, music, literature, and insightful articles.

This comprehensive journey covers everything from the grandeur of Russian history to contemporary society, offering interactive, downloadable materials and assignments for a holistic learning experience. Ideal for history enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike, this course invites you to explore the depths of Russia’s rich cultural heritage from the comfort of your home. Join now and be part of a global community discovering the soul of Russia.

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RUSSIAN CHRISTMAS (English with authentic materials in Russian)

Experience the magic of ‘The Essence of Russian Christmas,’ an enchanting online course that brings the festive spirit of Russia right to your screen. This beautifully curated program, designed by a cultural expert, takes you through the heartwarming traditions and customs of Russian winter celebrations.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and contemporary practices of Russian Christmas and New Year with lively video lectures, engaging readings, and authentic multimedia content, including traditional music, films, and recipes.

Perfect for those who love to explore global cultures and festivities, this course not only educates but also inspires, as you learn to create your own Russian-style celebrations. Join me for a festive journey and discover the unique charm of Russia’s winter wonderland

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