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In my Russian language blog you will find articles about Russia, useful links, tips and tricks for learning.

Slow Russian Podcast

In the Slow Russian Podcast you can listen to me reading texts in slow Russian with translation.

YouTube Channel

On the Real Russian Club channel you’ll find all kinds of useful Russian language lessons and videos about Russia.

TPRS Russian Podcast

TPRS Russian – Effortless Russian” is a podcast for those who want to speak Russian with the storytelling method.

Premium courses

If you are ready for more, check out my premium Russian language online courses and memberships.

Russian shop

Russian shirts for men and women, coffee mugs, bags, and all kinds of stuff for language learners in the Real Russian Club Shop.

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Daria, I am a certified Russian language teacher.

In 2015, I founded an online learning platform Real Russian Club. By this year, the community has grown significantly and includes thousands of students from more than 30 countries. 

Teaching Russian is my passion! I’m the greatest admirer of Russian culture, history, and language and I hope to share it with you through my lessons.

my students say:

If you’re looking for a great practice podcast and are starting to learn Russian, this is a podcast you ought to listen to!
Mark Allen

about the TPRS Russian Podcast

If you’re a native English speaker and want to effectively (and realistically) communicate with Russian speakers, do yourself a favor and pickup this book! It’s made it fun to converse with my friends in the US who speak Russian, and helped build rapport with those abroad via Skype, etc. Thanks!
Chandler R Givens

about the 600 Russian phrases for everyday life

The youtube channel is excellent and has really wonderful resources for learning Russian. As a language teacher myself, I can testify to how difficult it can be to get students to think in the language they are learning, but the Real Russian Club videos I have tried make comprehending and responding in Russian feel easy and natural.
Madeline Caples

about the Real Russian club channel