My name is Daria and I’m a certified Russian language teacher with 8 years of experience. I’m here to show you how to learn the Russian language easily and effectively.

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I found this podcast while searching for ways to learn the Russian language. I find Daria’s language teaching techniques and the story’s she uses throughout the podcasts to be very interesting and informative. Daria not only provides language learning education but also cultural insight that just can’t be found in other courses. I would highly recommend this podcast and her YouTube channel if you want to expand your knowledge of the Russian language and or culture.

by Savage DM

Awesome podcast!

I’m really enjoying this podcast. I love the way Daria presents a dialog, or a poem, etc. and then slowly takes the listener through a translation. And not just a translation but lots of subtlety and context. Excellent!

by Ojisan Seiuchi

Awesome resource for Russian language learners

After having done basic stuff in Russian, I was desperately looking for something to get in touch with the spoken Russian. This podcast makes you understand how valuable the basic stuff you’ve just acquired is. For me, it was such a wonderful experience with this podcast that I was reaching for the Russian language that once seemed so far.

by Sams-studio

Great Podcast for intermediate learners

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