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TPRS Russian – Effortless Russian Podcast is simple, fun, and effective! It’s based on an absolutely unique language learning method known since the early 1990s — teaching proficiency through reading, and storytelling (TPRS). How does it work? You listen to funny stories in Russian and answer simple questions. It helps you to learn grammar and vocabulary naturally and deeply!

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TPRS Russian Episode 11

Peter Pan comes to Belgium. He was to try the local beer «Kriek». A waiter brings a large glass. «This is not Kriek! This is Leffe!» – yells Peter Pan and throws the glass on the floor…

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TPRS Russian Episode 10

Lightning McQueen is a famous racer. He wants to become a world’s champion. Lightning goes to the championship. He is ready to win. Lightning McQueen arrives, but there are no other racers. It turned out to be a chess tournament!

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TPRS Russian Episode 9

Ronaldo wants to go to Russia. It’s his dream to play in the 2018 World Cup. He’s packing all his stuff. He’s ready for the championship! But they didn’t grant him a visa. Ronaldo can’t go to Russia…

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TPRS Russian Episode 8

This is a huge house. In the house, there are a golden pool and a billiards table. Here lives a Russian politician Sergey. He loves his house and… corruption…

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TPRS Russian Episode 7

Model Tyra Banks wants to go to Russia. She flies by plane. Tyra is afraid of flying. But everything is fine. She is in Russia now!

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TPRS Russian Episode 6

Angelina lives in a big house. This house is in America. But Angelina wants to live in Russia. She is looking for a job in Moscow. But there’s no job for her. Jolie is sad…

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TPRS Russian Episode 5

James Bond doesn’t want to be an agent. He wants to be a musician. He loves music. James quits his job. Now he’s a famous pianist…

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TPRS Russian Episode 4

Today it’s raining. Today it’s very cold. All people are wet. People don’t like the rain. Only the seller of umbrellas likes the rain…

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TPRS Russian Episode 3

Cosmonaut Matt Damon flies to Mars. On Mars, he meets Vladimir Putin. Hi Vladimir! – Matt says. – I’m inviting you to a restaurant. Putin answers: I can’t. There are no restaurants on Mars…

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TPRS Russian Episode 2

Some cats really like fast food 😉 Let’s practice with this ridiculous story about Ernest.

Кот Эрнест ест бургеры каждый день. Сегодня он тоже ест бургер. Это вкусный и большой бургер. Сегодня он ест бургер с майонезом. Ему не нравится. Он хочет бургер с кетчупом…

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TPRS Russian Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the TPRS Russian – Effortless Russian podcast! Here is the full text of the story with questions: Лео Ди Каприо очень красивый. Его глаза голубые и яркие. Его улыбка добрая и милая. Он актер. Он любит кино…

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