Start speaking Russian fluently, naturally and with confidence
Easily Improve Your Russian In 2 Months With TPRS Lessons
Effortless Russian
You don’t have to study Russian grammar rules here! Relax and learn naturally
Immersion into culture
You’ll learn more about the most popular movies in the history of Russian cinematography
Listening and speaking
Master your listening and speaking skills with my funny and memorable lessons
Fluency with stories
Learn Russian with short and funny stories. You’ll become fluent in no time with the TPRS lessons
This course is simple, fun, and effective! It’s based on an absolutely unique language learning method known since the early 1990s — teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling (TPRS). How does it work? You listen to funny stories in Russian and answer simple questions. It helps you to learn grammar and vocabulary naturally and deeply!

What you will get: 

  • 8 hours of listening materials (to improve your listening comprehension)
  • interactive lessons! you don’t just listen – you speak!
  • real dialogues, it means no «fake» Russian, only useful vocabulary

Each lesson is based on a particular movie, and consists of:

  • video with a dialogue (mp4);
  • vocabulary explanation in English (mp3);
  • vocabulary explanation in Russian (mp3);
  • mini-story with translation (mp3);
  • Q&A mini-story (the most important section!) – SLOW and FAST versions (mp3);
  • tenses section (same story in different tenses) (mp3);
  • text lesson (pdf).

List of the lessons:
1. Cruel romance
2. White sun of the desert
3. Moscow does not believe in tears
4. Autumn marathon
5. The gals
6. Gentlemen of fortune
7. Irony of fate
8. Officers
9. Messenger boy
10. The three musketeers

Learn useful and real everyday Russian language in the context of dialogues from the most popular Russian movies!

Remember, listen to only one set at least for a week! This is very important! Why? Because only with this method you’ll learn the new vocabulary DEEPLY.

1. Video with a dialogue
Try to “feel” what’s going on there, don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, pay more attention to emotions and intonations.

2. Vocabulary explanation in English
Just listen and enjoy. Don’t try to memorize the words and phrases, don’t try to analyse grammar! On this step you need to understand the general meaning of the dialogue.

3. Vocabulary explanation in Russian
This part is more challenging. It’s 100% in Russian! Try to listen first, and only if you don’t understand something, look at the transcript and use a dictionary if necessary. If it’s too difficult, just skip it and listen to the mini-story with questions

4. Mini-story with translation
Just listen. There will be short funny stories with the new vocabulary. Your goal here is just to understand 100% of the story.

5. Mini-story in questions and answers – SLOW and FAST versions
This is the most important part! If you don’t understand something, look through the transcript and go back to listening. Try to answer each question loudly in Russian. Don’t worry about mistakes – speed is much more important here!
You don’t have to give the full answer, one or two words will be enough in the beginning. Start with short answers and in the end of the week try to give the full ones.
I say: «Дональд Трамп прилетел в Вашингтон. Кто прилетел в Вашингтон?». First you may answer: «Трамп». When you become more confident, say: «Дональд Трамп прилетел». And finally give the full answer: «Дональд Трамп прилетел в Вашингтон».

As soon as you think that the slow version is too simple, you can start listening to the fast version.

Remember, the Questions&Answers is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this course. Listen to these lessons the most!

5. Tenses section
These lessons will help to improve your grammar skills, without studying rules. Just listen attentively and try to retell the story in different tenses.

6. Text lesson
Here you’ll find everything you need to understand the audio.

Have you ever had any of the following thoughts?

  • “I’ve been learning Russian for a while, but I still can’t talk”
  • “I want to speak Russian naturally”
  • “I feel like I can never be fluent in Russian”
  • “I want to communicate with native speakers without awkwardness”
  • “I’m tired of studying Russian grammar”
  • “I want to know more about Russian culture”
  • “I want to have fun while learning Russian”

If yes, then my Russian TPRS course is just for you!

If you’re a pre-intermediate, intermediate or advanced student, welcome! If you are a total beginner, this course is NOT for you! Please, come back in a couple of months.

How long is the course? 
The course includes 10 Lesson sets (1 video, 5 audios and 1 pdf in each one). You can study at your own pace, but the best schedule is as follows: one lesson set for a week or more, 1 hour of listening every day. Usually it takes about 2 months.

What level of Russian is necessary?
The course is great for pre-intermediate to advanced Russian learners.

How can I get the access to the course?
All the lesson sets are combined in one archive (.zip). Via email you receive a link to download it. It’s a large file (590 MB), so it will take some time to download fully. After downloading, just “unzip” or “extract” it on your computer. On Mac it will be done automatically, on PC and smartphones it might require WinZip or iZip (these are free apps).

How can I pay?
You can pay with PayPal, credit card or debit card. The payments are made through a secure connection that keeps your information safe.

What if I want a refund?
If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your results, just let me know, and I’ll issue a 100% refund.

What do I do if I need help?
If you have any questions related to the course, please contact, and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

If you want to try it,

Click here to go to Lesson 1:)