Nail Down Verbs of Motion
15 effective audio lesson sets to learn Russian verbs of motion once and for all
15 funny TPRS mini-stories to practice actively
100% money back guarantee
Just a few weeks of training and you’ll forget about your problems with Russian verbs of motion!
The course is based on the best language learning method — teaching proficiency through reading and storytelling (TPRS). It helps you to learn verbs of motion naturally and deeply, without even thinking about them! How does it work? You listen to funny stories in Russian and answer simple questions. That’s it! What you will get: 
  • 15 effective audio lesson sets (5 hours of listening!)
  • interactive lessons! finally you don’t just listen – you speak!
  • funny stories – no more boring studying
Each lesson set consists of:
  • mini-story with explanation in English (mp3);
  • Q&A mini-story – SLOW and FAST versions (the most important section!) (mp3);
  • tenses section (same story in different tenses) (mp3);
  • text lesson (pdf).
List of the lessons: Lesson 1 – Бегать Lesson 2 – Ходить Lesson 3 – Ездить Lesson 4 – Летать Lesson 5 – Плавать Lesson 6 – Возить Lesson 7 – Носить Lesson 8 – Бродить Lesson 9 – Прыгать Lesson 10 – Бросать Lesson 11 – All in one (Bilbo Baggins’ story) Lesson 12 – All in one (Marilyn Monroe’s story) Lesson 13 – All in one (Titanic’s story) Lesson 14 – All in one (Natalie Portman’s story) Lesson 15 – All in one (Ron Whisley’s story) Learn Russian verbs of motion once and for all!
Listen to each set more than once! It’s very important! When you feel that the answer comes immediately and that you understand 100% of the lesson, start the next one. 1. Mini-story with translation Just listen to it. There will be short, funny and memorable stories that include several verbs of motion. Your goal here is to understand 100% of the story instantly and automatically. 2. Mini-story in questions and answers – SLOW and FAST versions This is the most important part of the set! First time, just listen to it. If there’s anything you don’t understand, find this part in the transcript. But remember, ONLY if you don’t understand something! Then, listen again and try to answer each question loudly in Russian. Mistakes don’t matter here, only speed and understanding. You don’t have to give the full answer, one or two words will be enough in the beginning. Start with short answers and add a couple more words every time. Example I say: «Эштон Кутчер каждый день бегает в парке. Эштон бегает каждый день?» First you may answer: «Да». When you become more confident, say: «Да, каждый день». And finally give the full answer: «Да, Эштон бегает каждый день». As soon as you think that the slow version is too simple, you can start listening to the fast version. Remember, the Questions&Answers is the MOST IMPORTANT part of this course. Listen to these lessons as often as possible! 3. Tenses section These lessons will help to improve your grammar fluency, without studying rules. Just listen several times and try to retell the story in different tenses. 4. Text lesson Here you’ll find everything you need to understand the audio.
This course is for everyone who has problems with using Russian verbs of motion! Ask yourself this question: «Can I really USE verbs of motion easily and naturally, without hesitation and awkward pauses?» If the answer is still «no», welcome to my course! If you want to check if the level of the course is suitable to you, listen to the sample
How long is the course? The course includes 15 Lesson sets. You can study at your own pace, but the best schedule is as follows: one lesson set for a week or more, 30 minutes to 1 hour of listening every day. What level of Russian is necessary? As soon as you reach the “Verbs of motion” part of grammar, you’re ready for this course. The difference will be in your ability to give the answers. Example:  One question: «Эштон бегает каждый день?» and 3 seconds to give the answer. For beginners it’s enough to say just «Да, бегает», and super advanced students will say something like «Да, мне кажется, что он очень быстро бегает в парке каждый день». The result is great for both – they actively PRACTICE verbs of motion. How can I get the access to the course? All the lesson sets are combined in one archive (.zip). Via email you receive a link to download it. After downloading, just “unzip” or “extract” it on your computer. On Mac it will be done automatically, on PC and smartphones it might require WinZip or iZip (these are free apps). How can I pay? You can pay with PayPal, credit card or debit card. The payments are made through a secure connection that keeps your information safe. If you currently live in Russia, you can use Sberbank online. What if I want a refund? If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your results, just let me know, and I’ll issue a 100% refund. What do I do if I need help? If you have any questions related to the course, feel free to contact, and I’ll answer as soon as possible!