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How to become confident in Russian

There are so many problems that might be holding you back from becoming fluent in Russian. One of them is not being confident! During the years of my career as a Russian language teacher, I’ve worked with…

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Real Russian phrases for everyday life

There are so many different ways of saying the same thing in our language! Unfortunately, most textbooks concentrate on “textbook Russian” and just skip the informal phrases. But in everyday life, people don’t speak that dry and boring language…

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Russian prepositions of place

Prepositions of place in the Russian language

There are dozens of prepositions in the Russian language. For beginners it is always better to start with the most common ones, because deep learning is only possible when the new vocabulary and grammar constructions are used ACTIVELY!

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Russian alphabet in a famous Soviet poem

Recently I have found a very interesting poem which is supposed to help in learning the Russian alphabet. The range of professions the author chose is really surprising today:) But in the Soviet era it was so common to dream of being a miner or a reaper. Check out the wonderful illustrations in the gallery.

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