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Have you ever wondered how animals sound in the Russian language? Some of them might surprise you 😀

Cats say МЯУ-МЯУ [myá-oo] and МРРР [mrrrrr]

Dogs say ГАВ-ГАВ [gaf-gaf]

Pigs say ХРЮ-ХРЮ [khryu]

Cows say МУ-МУ [moo]

Roosters say КУ-КА-РЕ-КУ [coo-ka-reh-cóo]

Ducks say КРЯ-КРЯ [krya]

Frogs say КВА-КВА [kvah]

Horses say И-ГО-ГО [eé-goh-goh]

Mice say ПИ-ПИ-ПИ [pee]

Donkeys say ИА-ИА [ee-áh]

And how do animals sound in your language?:)