New Year is coming! And you may be surprised to know that New Year is much more popular in Russia than Christmas! Actually, it is the most celebrated holiday in Russia. We have 10 days of vacation – from the 31st of December to January 10th!

In Russia we have several phrases for this particular holiday. Let’s learn the most common of them.

С наступающим! – [s na-stoo-pà-yu-schim] – we use this phrase for several days before New Year, it means “Happy New Year that is coming soon”. It’s very polite to say this phrase everywhere: at work, in the store, in the bank, etc.

С Новым Годом! – [s nò-vym gò-dam] – the main phrase we use during this holiday. In English it’s usually translated as “Happy New Year”.

Счастливого Нового Года! – [scha-sleè-va-va nò-va-va gò-da] – literally means “Happy new year!” (the full form: I wish you a happy new year). It’s a good phrase for toasts.

С праздником! – [s prà-znee-kam] – happy holiday! This phrase may be used for any holiday, including the New Year.

С прошедшим! – [s pra-shèh-tshim] – we use this one for several days after the New Year. Literally it means “Happy New Year that has passed”. Just like the first phrase, it can be used with everyone and everywhere.

I hope this year you’ll surprise your Russian friends with saying Happy New Year in Russian!