How to learn Russian? Most of the students usually have no idea what to do and where to start with Russian. Of course a single textbook is not enough. Here is a list of resources and tools for learning our language.

My course for beginners – we learn Russian from scratch here:)
How to learn Russian alphabet– easy steps to learn alphabet + writing practice sheets.
Master Russian– simply awesome. They have EVERYTHING you want to know about Russian grammar: «This page has all the essentials you need to start learning Russian. You will find the Russian alphabet, vocabulary and beginning grammar lessons, pronunciation guides, sound files, online tests, tips on learning Russian, cultural information, and much more».
My ebook– it’s my short pdf guide with a couple of tips for learning vocabulary deeply. All you need is a pack of post-it notes:)
Memrise is another great learning resource. It gets you memorising a lot of words really fast.

Forvo – great resource to check your pronunciation!

Some say that Google translate is good! Well… Last time I used it (if you follow my podcast, you probably remember how I told a story about the surgery), it confused «tonsil» with «amygdala», so hundreds of people thought that a part of my brain had been removed 😀 So yeah, it’s kinda unreliable. is almost perfect. It gives you all kinds of examples, so the chance to confuse something is pretty low.

Typing in Russian is one of the first things you must do! Let’s be honest, we spend A LOT of time in front of our computers, so why not making it a part of you language learning?
Also you can find the Russian keyboard on eBay or Amazon. Here you have three ways:
– Stickers. Put them on the Latin characters one by one (and during that looooong process meditate about how great the Russian language is :D)
– Silicone keyboard cover (best choice for Mac)
– Russian USB keyboard itself
All of them are rather cheap.

My course for beginners –  My videos will help to learn Russian from scratch.
Learn like a Russian kid – This is an amazing system that teaches Russian kids to read automatically, even before they learn letters. Covers easy topics like food, transport, emotions. Just be sure to skip the weird 3-min intro:)
Part 2 of the series
Little Baby Bum in Russian – Some teachers recommend to learn Russian with songs. Great way! But Russian songs might seem a little intimidating for beginners. How about starting with some English classics for kids? «Wheels on the bus» and «Ring around the rosie» sound so different in Russian:)
Another channel for Russian children that helps to read and count.
Russian modern movies in high quality – Advanced students, finally something for you!

Listening is extremely important!
Beginners can start with Russian Made Easy Podcast
If you want to speak Russian – here is my TPRS podcast
Intermediate students, welcome to my Slow Russian Podcast
And Radio Mayak station would be a great choice for advanced learners.

Interpals is the best language exchange portal. I found dozens of friends from all over the globe there.
I hope these resources will help you to learn the Russian language:)