Russian language lesson 5

In the fifth lesson we are going to talk about Russian verbs.

And verb conjugation of course!

Watch the video:

Russian verbs are the most important part of the language. Today we begin learning them!



What is the infinitive? It is the form of the verb that is usually shown in dictionaries; it does not change.

In Russian, verbs can end with -ТЬ, -ТИ, -ЧЬ. Today we only speak about “ТЬ-verbs”, ok?

Examples: to read – ЧИТÁТЬ; to write – ПИСÁТЬ.



Russian verbs change their endings depending on the situation. Today let’s learn how to conjugate some verbs in present tense.

Do you remember our personal pronouns? Look how the ending -ТЬ changes with each one of them:

Я – читáЮ
ТЫ – читáЕШЬ
ОН – читáЕТ
ОНА – читáЕТ
ОНО – читáЕТ
ОНИ – 
МЫ –
ВЫ –

Watch the video and practice with verbs РАБОТАТЬ (to work), ИГРАТЬ (to play), ДЕЛАТЬ (to do), ЗНАТЬ (to know), БОЛЕТЬ (to be sick/ill), ГУЛЯТЬ (to go for a walk).


Now practice with our characters (38th minute of the video).

  1. Это Влади́мир. Он президéнт. Что он делает? Он читáет и знáет.
  2. Это Том и Джéрри.  Они кот и мышь. Что они делают? Они игрáют. Том игрáет и Джерри игрáет.



Practice with as many sentences as you can create. Use different characters (from movies, cartoons, books, you name it).

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